GoetheJazz | Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE (DE)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Johannes Schleiermacher - saxophone
  • Tobias Hoffmann - guitar
  • Andreas Lang - double bass
  • Max Andrzejewski - drums, composition

“This music is wild and thrilling and different and is overflowing with personality. I keep listening and listening and I’m still not sure what to make of it. But it makes me smile and the ensemble scores all kinds of points for pouring their heart into something so remarkably inventive and risky. Unbounded creativity. Pick of the Week.” Dave Sumner
“HÜTTE plays a dynamic game with ones expectations. Once partially fulfilled, they are destroyed the next instant. (...) A band which fits perfectly to the whole contradictory coherence of Berlin.” Wolf Kampmann

The Berlin based band HÜTTE won the Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis 2013, released three albums – partly featuring a vocal ensemble – and played extensively on international tours, appearing at prestigious festivals like Eurojazz Mexico, International Jazz Festival Nicaragua, Managua Jazz Festival Guatemala, Jazz Festival El Salvador, Südtirol Jazzfestival,  Umbria Jazz, April Jazz in National Concert Hall Dublin, not to mention their countless perfromances at German festivals like Enjoy Jazz Festival Heidelberg, J.O.E. Festival Essen, Just Music Festival Wiesbaden, Jazz Units Berlin, Jazztage Regensburg, NueJazz Festival Nürnberg, KLAENG Festival Köln just to name  a few. They also staged a commission work, a tribute to the great British artist Robert Wyatt, for the Leipziger Jazztage in co-production with Enjoy Jazz Festival Mannheim, premiered in October 2018.

“No other young jazz-band in the last years in Germany has caused such a stir as Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE” says the acclaimed German music critic Wolf Kampmann. The group of four strong individuals cultivate a playful, stubborn, passionate playing. HÜTTE is burning with strong melodious compositions, avantgarde swing and expressive freedom. After two successfull albums of the band extended with vocal ensembles, HÜTTE und CHOR (2014 Traumton) and HÜTTE and The Homegrown Organic Gospel Choir (2017 Whyplayjazz) the highly energetic and award winning foursome is now going back to the core quartet – and they play their asses off, as they proved on German jazz Expo of jazzahead! in Bremen, last year.

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2019 June 13 Thursday