Tibor Szemző: Silverbird and the Cyclist

cinematic concert
Concert Hall
  • Fodderbasis:
  • László Gőz – wind instruments, live electronics
  • László Kéringer – voice
  • Tibor Szemző – narration
  • Zoltán Regenye "Regi" – sound engineer

Tibor Szemző's opera cinématique, Silverbird and the Cyclist is presented simultaneuosly in two countries in English as the performance at the BMC Concert Hall is streamed live to the audience of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, the Apollo Cinema in Pécs and MODEM in Debrecen.

Silverbird and the Cyclist is based on the Life and Works of Alexander Csoma de Körös by Theodore Duka, using music and footage and from the Arborétum suite (2002) and A Guest of Life (2006).

The hypnotic cinema concert opens a door into the inner world of a pilgrim scientist from a timeless perspective. This is not the first time that Tibor Szemző has taken up the life and figure of Alexander Csoma de Kőrös. The performance, based on the 2006 film The Guest of Life, evokes Alexander Csoma de Kőrös with his own words: the narrative of the cinema concert is based on the detailed and exhaustive account addressed to a certain Captain Kennedy upon returning from his first Tibetan trip to India, after Alexander Csoma de Kőrös was detained by the British authorities on suspicion of espionage. Another narrator is Dr. Gerard , a British doctor who visited Alexander Csoma de Kőrös in the Himalayas, in the village of Kanam. The source of the texts is Life and Works of Alexander Csoma de Körös by Theodore Duka, while the Hindu world is filtered into the performance through Francis Bain's magical narratives.

In addition to the story narrated by the voice of Szemző, the musical voices of two soloists appear in an intimate and improvised manner. Trombonist László Gőz visits East-West gateways on wind instruments, using live electronics, while László Kéringer evokes the nature of a world beyond time on his ethereal tenor. The twenty-three musical and narrative movements of the cinema concert create a new approach to Alexander Csoma de Kőrös' story. Meanwhile, the visual world created by István Szaladják and Gábor Roskó provide a 'cantus firmus' to the soundscape.

Film crew:
Gábor Ferenczi – consultant
Eszter Molnár, Caroline Bodóczky – linguistic specialist
László Hortobágyi – musical associate
István Taikyo Szaladják – DoP
Gábor Roskó – paintings
Kása Papp, Bálint Kolozsváry – animation
Teri Losonczi – editing
Iván Angelus, György Durst, Attila Bognár – producers
Binaura – software support

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This concert was supported, in line with the Government decree 1290/ 2020. (VI.5) related to cultural institutions, in order to ease the economic difficulties caused by the Covid19 pandemic. 

2020 November 03 Tuesday