Polska Jazz | Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet | Mateusz Palka Trio

Opus Jazz Club
  • Paweł Mańka – guitar, compositions
  • Robert Wypasek – tenor saxophone
  • Franciszek Raczkowski – piano
  • Piotr Narajowski – double bass
  • Stefan Raczkowski – drums
  • Mateusz Pałka – piano
  • Piotr Południak – double bass
  • Patryk Dobosz – drums

Paweł Mańka Semiotic Quintet combines the freedom and rhythmical language of jazz with concepts of XXth-century classical composers. The repertoire of the group consists solely of leader’s compositions, in which dense, multi-layered and precisely notated structures serve as unique opportunities for spontaneous improvisations. This interplay may be recognized as a musical depiction of dualism of order and chaos, that seems to be observable in many (if not all) aspects of the reality. The quintet is distinguished from other jazz groups by treating the composition on an equal footing with improvisation, which translates into unconventional forms of works and the resulting great variety of solos. This combination provides listeners with a truly one of a kind musical experience. The name of the band refers to semiotics - a study of sign processes. The signs are a foundation of communication, which is a key aspect of improvised music. The debut album of the group titled Kubizm was released in July 2021.

Mateusz Pałka Trio is one of the most exciting jazz piano trio in Poland, recognised for their unique talent in blending tradition with contemporary sound. The trio was founded in 2016 in Cracow by polish pianist, composer Mateusz Pałka, bassist Piotr Południak and drummer Patryk Dobosz. All members of the trio are graduates of the Academy of Music in Cracow. The group combines european folklore, jazz and classical music to create a unique style that excites, inspires and moves people in a charismatic way that is uniquely Slavic. It is with this spirit in mind that the album received it’s name Sansa. The trio sees delight and value in the smallest and simplest of things. However, Sansa like the trio has a depth of meaning and interpretation. It is a story about what it means to be human. Their music like life is a long process of getting to know those in our lives on a deep level. The group is searching for the most subtle of sounds in the simplest of melodies.

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