Melodramas Minifestival – R. Strauss

Minifestival wih 3 actors and 3 pianists
Concert Hall

Richard Strauss: Enoch Arden / words by A. Tennyson / translated by Gusztáv Jánosi

  • Róza Radnóti – piano
  • Balázs Szántó, actor

Melodrama is a rarely heard of and interesting musical genre: an actor and, in this instance, a pianist come together to perform a piece. Instead of creating a song or opera, the composers added instrumental music only to the texts that inspired them. At the festival of the Chamber-Circle - which is an ensemble of twelve young musicians established by Róza Radnóti - the most significant melodramas are going to be performed by three young actors, Benjamin Dino, Csenge Horváth, and Balázs Szántó; together with three young pianists, Imre Dani, Róza Radnóti and Fülöp Ránki. On this special occasion poems and ballads written by Lenau, Jókai, Tennyson, Turgenev are going to be performed, among others – in some cases translated to Hungarian specifically for this concert – with the musical illustration of composers such as Grieg, Schumann, Liszt or Richard Strauss.

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Daily tickets for the 4pm, 6pm and 8pm performances are available on the spot and online at for 3000 HUF.

This concert was supported, in line with the Government decree 1290/ 2020. (VI.5) related to cultural institutions, in order to ease the economic difficulties caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

2021 November 28 Sunday