Liszt Fest 2021 | Hungarian Jazz 2020

The Gala Concert of the Small Jazz Formation Category of Müpa’s Composition Competition
Concert Hall

Rezső Jónás: Platform C – world premiere
Zsolt Kaltenecker: Two Pieces for Solo Electric Keyboard – world premiere
Dezső Oláh: Lost Dreams – world premiere
Krisztián Oláh: 11:11 – world premiere
Dániel Ferenc Szabó: The Universe is a Big Dark Room – world premiere
Árpád Tzumo: Catch Me If You Can – world premiere

  • Kristóf Bacsó [6], Dániel Varga [5] – saxophone
  • Kornél Fekete-Kovács [6] – trumpet
  • István Tóth [6] – bass guitar
  • István Tóth Jr [5] – double bass
  • Damján Ocsovay [5], Árpád “Tzumo” Oláh [6] – piano
  • Zsolt Kaltenecker [2] – keyboards
  • Elemér Balázs [6], Dániel Ferenc Szabó [5] – drums
  • ---
  • Krisztián Oláh Quartet [4]:
  • Krisztián Oláh – piano
  • Kálmán Oláh Jr – saxophone
  • György Orbán – double bass
  • Dániel Serei – drums

The songs entered into the small jazz formation category of Müpa’s Composition Competition were written for the most diverse ensembles, as regards both the number of players and the instruments, and the award winners cover a broad spectrum from solo keyboards plus electronics to a septet. The six compositions performed at the concert offer a vivid illustration of the musical thinking that inhabits the broad range between free improvisation and fixed forms, as well as the efforts of the various generations that are active at the same time, from the doyens to career starters.

Of course, the compositions represent very different musical and artistic universes: one of the pieces seeks musical answers to philosophical questions, another was inspired by the atmosphere of a popular film, and yet another by abstract musical structures.

Tickets are available for 3000 HUF online at the website of the Liszt Fest.

2021 October 20 Wednesday