Honvéd Male Choir: Enharmony

Concert Hall

Modern romantic music for male choir
Vocal works by Hugo Alfvén, Francis Poulenc, and Jean Sibelius

  • Honvéd Male Choir
  • Conductor: Zoltán Pad

ENHARMONY is when the same musical sound is interpreted in different ways and called, for example, D-sharp or E-flat, depending on the interpretation. This kind of complex vision in the Honvéd Férfikar's "Enharmony" concert does not refer to individual sounds, but to the sounds of composers who composed at the same time but in different geographical areas.

We tend to identify choral works from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries with Kodály's mixed choirs. Not on this evening. The choir is the Honvéd Male Choir, conducted by Zoltán Pad, Liszt Prize-winning conductor of the Hungarian Radio Choir, and the three composers are Swedish, French and Finnish, at once romantic and modern, sacred and secular.

The programme, structured in the form of a bridge, is framed by the works of Poulenc, described by the famous critique of the time as "half monk half rascal", with two bunches of pieces by the national romantic, the Swedish Hugo Alfvén, and the centrepiece being the male choir works of the Finnish Sibelius. We recommend this concert to all those who love the eccentric, the remote and the borderline, which always requires an understanding audience.

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2023 January 28 Saturday