Tilo Weber – János Ávéd – Dániel Szabó (DE/HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Tilo Weber - drums
  • Ávéd János - saxophone
  • Dániel Szabó - piano

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Dear Guests,

David Six cannot perform this evening due to an unexpected illness, so Tilo Weber and János Ávéd will give a joint concert with Dániel Szabó. We are grateful to the artists for saving the performance.

Transcendent Triptych's concert will be held at Opus Jazz Club at a later date – we wish a speedy recovery to David.

Thank you for your understanding:
BMC – Opus Jazz Club

The idea for the triptych was born in 2022 during the Jazzahead! showcase festival in Bremen, one of the most important strongholds and meeting points of European jazz. The band will make its debut this evening, unveiling completely new material at the Opus Jazz Club. For the concert, all three members will create compositions in which they aim to explore transcendental content beyond the material nature of music, through the extension of fixed or spontaneous musical forms. The overall picture is made up of the world of three prominent European jazz artists: János Ávéd on saxophone, who expands his individual musical language in a variety of ensembles; David Six on piano, who is equally at home in Indian, classical and pop music; and Tilo Weber, a restless explorer on drums. In terms of musical concepts, anything from epic rubatos to Indian rhythms, from flexible metrics to emphatic silences, the concert is expected to be a richly evocative experience, with associations that may  stimulate all the senses of the listener: from incense to santal, from purple to silver, a rich world will be revealed.

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2023 September 30 Saturday