3 × j(A)zz! | Peter Rom's Wanting Machine (AT)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Pamelia Stickney - theremin
  • Peter Rom - guitar
  • Manu Mayr - bass
  • Michael Prowaznik - drums

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Wanting Machine is the first solo program, album and live show of Peter Rom, guitar player, composer and co-founder of JazzWerkstatt Wien. In this case, “solo” stands for working with three wonderful musicians.

For Wanting Machine, Peter Rom, who has been a creative linchpin of many projects in and around JazzWerkstatt Wien, followed his dream to compose for his favourite musicians regardless of pragmatic assumptions. “I admire the imagination of Franz Kafka. Steps, growing upward following climbing feet, steps too high to overcome… Time and time again, his literary characters realise their wrong assessment of situations. The world around them seems firm, but in reality everything proves to be precarious, soft, blurry and ambiguous. I have always looked for music that is working on different levels. Like a hologram: you look at it, you look through it and from a different perspective it looks all different.”

Sometimes while listening to Wanting Machine you might not know which instrument is responsible for a certain sound. Utilizing different playing techniques and sonic manipulation, instruments take on different characters, sounds become blurred, reveal themselves, disappear and reappear somewhat transformed. Peter Rom’s compositions take numerous turns, change – sometimes all of a sudden, sometimes gradually – their state of matter, fluidify, shift, dissolve and freeze.

Text: Kristin Gruber


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2023 December 15 Friday