The Beginnings |Budapest Sound Collective Haydn Series Vol. 3

Concert Hall

Joseph Haydn:
Symphony in D Major, No. 4, Hob. I/4
Piano Sonata in G Major, No. 1, Hob. XVI/8

Piano Sonata in A Major, No. 12, Hob XVI/12
Symphony in C Major, No. 2, Hob. I/2

Symphony in E-flat Major, No. 11, Hob. I/11
Piano Sonata in B-flat Major, No. 11, Hob. XVI/2
Symphony in C Major, No. 25, Hob. I/25

  • András Kemenes – piano
  • Budapest Sound Collective
  • Conductor: Gergely Dubóczky

This part of Budapest Sound Collective's Haydn series focuses on the beginnings: Haydn, as if in a workshop, experiments with the symphony genre. This period is also full of unexpected solutions, and the music is full of youthful impetus and a search for new paths. The orchestra is joined this time by pianist András Kemenes, who plays some of the early piano sonatas also written during these years - giving us an even deeper insight into Haydn's thoughts on how the classical symphony was formed.

Photo: Balázs Mohai

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