Ránki – Stark – Devich: Piano Trios IV. | Debussy and Ravel

A 2023. december 1-jei koncert új időpontja
Concert Hall

Claude Debussy: Sonata for cello and piano
Claude Debussy: Sonata for violin and piano
Maurice Ravel: Trio in A minor

  • János Mátyás Stark – violin
  • Gergely Devich – cello
  • Fülöp Ránki – piano

The 2023 chamber music series by Fülöp Ránki, János Mátyás Stark and Gergely Devich will crown each of the four seasons with a concert at the BMC Concert Hall. The young artists will perform a selection of outstanding masterpieces from the piano trio repertoire, from Mozart to Ravel. The first three concerts feature two trios, sometimes highlighting the diversity and variety of the works, sometimes their commonalities, while the fourth programme includes a duo sonata, a testament to the musicians' long-standing duo collaborations.

The two sonatas were written during perhaps the most difficult period of Debussy's life, between 1915 and 1916, when the composer was consumed by the horrors of war on the outside and his worsening illness on the inside. The tone of the Sonata for Cello and Piano is modern and almost coarse, while the Sonata for Violin and Piano – Debussy's last completed work – has both a playful and painful character.
Ravel's most ambitious chamber work was written on the eve of the First World War – in a hurry, because the composer wanted to enlist as soon as possible. The Trio in A minor, a work of sublime skills and mature technique, draws inspiration from a wide range of sources from Malay poetry to Basque melodies, but Ravel has cast his exotic influences in a traditional, austere form. The piano's percussive effects are constantly juxtaposed with the strings' sustained tones, while shimmering colours and flickering shadows catch the listener's attention.

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