MAO Art of Virus Branch #9 launched by Attila Korb – feat. Dániel Hofecker

Concert Hall
  • Modern Art Orchestra
  • Artistic director: Kornél Fekete-Kovács
  • Dániel Hofecker – trumpet

How do the musicians connect with their audience if there are no concerts? How do they stay creative, practice, how do they find ways of expression, how do they connect with their artistic partners? What kind of new ways and opportunities do they see? What kind of new compositions do musicians create in a reduced being filled with life threatening circumstances.

The Art of Virus project of Modern Art Orchestra is a positive reaction to the global existential crisis that arrived with the pandemic. It gives answers to the urgent questions about re-defining culture in the form of positive reflection about music, art-theory and performing art from the perspective of music.

The artistic aim of the AOV-project based on international cooperation of composers is to symbolise the spreading and the behaviour of the virus in the form of a constantly widening (mutating) range of compositions (

Modern Art Orchestra gave a continuing self-reflexive insite to the life situation and artistic working process of the musicians in Facebook lives and Youtube-videos.

MAO gives highlighted attention to the AOV-artists and their connections in the 2021/22-season. The ten concerts of the season will introduce the compositions of the ten branches of the project with an invited AOV-composer guest each time. 

The Art of Virus project goes live and MAO will play the fantastic new compositions orchestrated for big band and also involves the audience to the self-reflective space of the AOV-project.

The concert in November is dedicated to the AOV-branch number 9, that was started by Attila Korb and Dániel Hofecker, the young, talented composer and trumpetist will be the special guest of the show. 

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2021 November 07 Sunday