Ferenc Doppler 200

Concert Hall

Ferenc & Károly Doppler: Hungarian pastoral fantasy for 2 flutes and piano
Ferenc Doppler: Three small pieces for flue and piano: Berceuse Op.15 – Mazurka de Salon Op.16 – Nocturne Op.17
Ferenc Doppler: Songs of the forest bird for flute and 4 horns Op.21
Ferenc & Károly Doppler:  Hungarian fantasy for 2 flutes and piano Op.35
Ferenc & Károly Doppler: Souvenir de Prague – Duo Concertante for 2 flutes and piano Op.24
Ferenc Doppler: Hungarian pastoral fantasy Op.26
Ferenc & Károly Doppler: Rigoletto fantasy Op.38

  • Mária Fajd-Kerner – flute
  • André Cebrián – flute
  • János Bálint – flute
  • Imre Dani – piano
  • Gál Horn Quartet

Ferenc Doppler, born 200 years ago this year, and his brother, Károly, were well-known and celebrated artists of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy throughout Europe. The two brothers gained fame primarily for their virtuoso flute playing, but they also played a key role in the musical life as a conductor and composer. On the occasion of the round anniversary, we will commemorate the work of the two artists with a full concert programme of Doppler works.

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2021 October 22 Friday