Colin Vallon – Vincent Courtois: Sonata (CH/FR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Vincent Courtois - cello
  • Colin Vallon - piano

Patiently repeated motifs, folk songs, fierce grooves or angular polyphonies plunge the listener into a state of stupor, as in a recurring dream that would be half remembered. Courtois and Vallon also explore the limits of their instruments with extended techniques. The whispers and whistles of the bow intertwined with the gamelan bells of the prepared piano weave unique sound textures, far from the canons expected of this formation.

"Colin Vallon reaches for the heart of things with just a few notes; his melodies reveal a rare and detached beauty. Vallon is capable not only of sensitive discreteness but also of flamboyant exuberance, his improvisations are marked by their wealth of ideas and their stringency. The way he connects a basic lyrical idea with investigative determination is unaffected and touchingly breathtaking." (Der Bund, CH)

This will be the fifth occasion that French jazz master Vincent Courtois performs at Opus with a new band, to then record an album for BMC Records. In 2019, the label released The Demons of Tosca, while 2023 marked the appearance of Carmen Rhapsody with Aki Takase, Nothing else with Daniel Erdmann and Robin Fincker, and Twigs with Sanne Rambags and Julian Sartorius.


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2024 July 17 Wednesday