CAFe Budapest | Dénes Várjon's Piano Recital

CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival 2018
Concert Hall

Béla Bartók: Two Elegies for Piano, Op. 8b
György Kurtág: Games – excerpts
Béla Bartók: Three Folk Songs from Csík County, BB 45b
Béla Bartók: Sonatina, Sz. 55, BB 69
Béla Bartók: Old Dance Tunes from Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs
Béla Bartók: Two Elegies for Piano, Op. 8b (Molto adagio,
sempre rubato)

György Kurtág: Games – excerpts
Béla Bartók: For Children – excerpts
Béla Bartók: Improvisations, Op. 20

  • Dénes Várjon - piano

Our globe-trotting pianist selected works by two Hungarian composers of world fame for his solo recital. Bartók and Kurtág are two self-contained musical universes that are nonetheless connected through a myriad of intricate relationships, from folk music, through their intimate affinity with the piano, to the relentless honesty that informs their musical gestures.

“There is no one who could teach you [the distinctive language] of Bartók better than Bartók himself,” says Várjon. “Let me add, it is impossible to imitate his performance style, because it is completely original, but if you listen to him, you will be imbued by his musical mentality. I often find that those who have not heard Bartók play the piano will play his works very differently.”

In an interview he said Kurtág, whom he met at a very young age, was “a mythical figure” for him even before they had met, because “I knew what a giant of a composer he was.”

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An event jointly organized with CAFe Budapest.

2018 October 15 Monday