Borbála Dobozy | J. S. Bach: Preludes, Inventions and Sinfonias – BMC Records release concert

Concert Hall

Johann Sebastian Bach: 18 Preludes
Johann Sebastian Bach: 15 Inventions
Johann Sebastian Bach: 15 Sinfonias

Concert in two parts, with intermission

  • Borbála Dobozy – harpsichord

This year marks 300 years since Bach finished composing his Inventions and Sinfonias. Part of the power and charm of these concentrated movements is Bach's ability to combine intense emotion with constructive musical thinking. It is this cosmos, at once transparent and dense, that Borbála Dobozy presents on her latest album, balancing precision and poetry, brilliant technique and vivid characters. Her playing remains free of extremes and mannerisms, while marking a unique direction in the maze of differentiated performance practices. With over 60,000 Spotify plays per month, the previous part of Dobozy's Bach trilogy, Wohltemperiertes Klavier – among the peaks of keyboard music – is one of the most successful releases in the history of BMC Records.


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2023 September 25 Monday