Bizarre Objects | Ádám Kondor

A Metrum Ensemble hangversenye
Concert Hall

Ádám Kondor:

Bizarre Objects XIII – 3 clarinets, cello, vibraphone

Mein Flügel ist zum Schwung bereit
ich kehrte gern zurück
denn blieb' ich auch lebendige Zeit
ich hätte wenig Glück.


Bizarre Objects II (Premiere of the new version)
Inner Space 

  • Balázs Rumy – clarinet
  • Dávid Kéringer – clarinet
  • Balázs Kántor – cello
  • Tamás Schlanger – vibraphone
  • Anna Rákóczy – flute
  • András Zászkaliczky – oboe
  • Attila Jankó – bassoon
  • Bálint Südi – French horn
  • Lajos Rozmán – clarinet, conductor
  • Host: Dániel Dinyés
  • Artistic director: Lajos Rozmán

Bizarre objects | An evening with Adam Kondor’s music      

Concert of the Metrum Ensemble

Ádám Kondor is one of the most original creators of Hungarian music life. His works are often unclassifiable and requirie extra preparation from both performers and audience. Among the main characteristics of his music  are the stable structure, the unexpected  turns of the musical lines and a huge need for space. One of the most treasured ventures of the Metrum Ensemble is to perform and promote  this unusual oeuvre.

Bizarre Objects, a series of 15 works containing many hours of music, is a storage of real surprises in both its materials and instrumentation. Its magnitude would be perceptible if, according to the composer’s original concept, the whole work was performed in whole.

This concert presents about one-fifth of this huge sound-flow, letting us to glimpse at  the volume of this project and  the musical world of the piece.

Host of the evening, composer Dániel Dinyés, who is familiar with both  Adam Kondor and his works, helps  us to get acquainted with  this complex musical world.

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2020 October 26 Monday