Balázs Neumann Trio Ft. Mihály Borbély (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Balázs Neumann - piano
  • Péter Kaszás - drums
  • László Máthé - double bass
  • Mihály Borbély - saxophone

Balázs Neumann has been a defining artist in the Hungarian jazz scene since the late 90s, both as pianist and composer. Since 1998, he has been active in the Hungarian concert scene as well as at international festivals, while performing solo and group concerts in England, Austria, Switzerland, Mallorca, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine, to a universal acclaim. 

Faith, the latest album by the Balázs Neumann Trio features lyrical, atmospheric compositions by pianist and composer Balázs Neumann, forming a coherent, unique sound. These pieces were inspired by notions around faith, and all compositions were dedicated to either a such notion - souls, flow, eternal communion, hope, inner source, humility, friendship, gratitude, love - , or to a specific person. Faith is as much for religious people as for non-believers, or for people still searching. It does not wish to convert us, mainly to guide our sight towards the sky, so we can choose if we only want to see the big blue or much more than that! The presence of the Kossuth Prize-winning Mihály Borbély also strengthens the abundant dynamic contrasts.

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