News Magnus Lindberg interviewed by Finnagora

Internationally acclaimed Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg comes to Budapest at the invitation of the Peter Eötvös, to mentor young composers and conductors during a masterclass organised by the Peter Eötvös Foundation between 20 and 26 June. In connection with this masterclass, BMC will host two public events: on 20 June, a conversation in the mustMEET Composers series, and on 26 June, the closing concert of the masterclass.

Magnus Lindberg has been composing for almost 50 years. At the age of 8, he performed his own works in a children’s programme of the Finnish television, and as a teenager, he already tried his hand at orchestral pieces. His primary source of inspiration is the inner logic of music, and he characterizes his attitude as rather theoretical. “What interests me the most is the grammar of music. I am particularly interested in where the grammar of music is today. ... Personally, I’m a kind of synthesis between this kind of modern and non-tonal, as well as more traditional ways of thinking, but hopefully not repeating them.” However, it is also a source of inspiration when he can hear the same work in different performances. “The accuracy of a notation can be endlessly discussed and I personally think that the finished composition is like a platform from which music takes off ... I am interested in the accuracy of the notation, but of course the conductors have the freedom to emphasize what they find to be important in the piece.” During the masterclass, as well as pieces by the participants, they will work on Lindberg’s Jubilees, which, according to the composer, is a real challenge for conductors.

You can read the interview on the website of Finnagora.

Related programmes:

mustMEET Composers | Magnus Lindberg
20 June 6 PM BMC Library

Mátyás Ölveti - cello
Péter Szűcs - clarinet
Host: Gergely Fazekas, music historian

Programme of mini-concert:
Magnus Lindberg: Duello (for cello solo)
Magnus Lindberg: Steamboat Bill Jr. (for cello and clarinet duo)

The language of the conversation is English.

Spotlight on Magnus Lindberg – closing concert of the Peter Eötvös Foundation’s masterclass
26 June 7:30 PM BMC Concert Hall

Balázs Kecskés D.: Extrodaesia – world premiere
Jongsung OH: A Horny Faun's Rampage – Hungarian Premiere
Paul Hindemith: Kammermusik no. 1., op.24/1
Francisco Dominguez: Sol de invierno – world premiere
Magnus Lindberg: Jubilees – Hungarian premiere

Professors: Magnus Lindberg, Péter Eötvös, Gregory Vajda
Conductors: Jaehyuck Choi, Maurice Cohn, Rosina Flückiger, Ka Hou Fan, Junyong Kim, Constanca Simas, Sung Hyo Lee, Benjamin Voce
Ensemble Ars Nova (FR)